Cropped/Scaled/Modified Photograph

£ 36.00
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Cropped/Scaled/Modified PhotographYour photograph will be scanned and hand altered to make the best possible image. The background will be cropped to your request and if there are any objects that spoil the overall appearance or are not wanted they can be removed. The remaining picture is enlarged to produce the size of chart or kit that you require. Your original photo will be returned unchanged.
On the example the picture has been cropped and a leaf stalk above the flower on the left and a blemish on the leaf on the right have been removed and blended.
Your photograph/picture for conversion to chart or kit can be e-mailed as an attachment or posted.
The photograph/picture can be made into a Chart only or a Complete Kit. The Kit contains the best products and includes the chart of your design, quality aida, needle and threads. The threads are already sorted onto a punched card.
Prices for Kits are dependent on the final size of the design. 
Please choose your kit or chart only selection by clicking on the arrow by the drop down box .