Getting the best Photo to Cross Stitch Conversion
Cross stitch kits can come in all types of difficulty levels and this is important when you convert your photo.

The first stage is getting a good quality photograph, preferably the original and in good condition. Sometimes you will have the photo already scanned into your computer and can send it to us by an email attachment.

When we make our scans we use very high resolution scanning to get all the detail out of the picture, so we recommend if you send your own scan use at least a 300dpi scan, and preferably 400dpi. If your not sure please email us and we can explain, alternatively send us the original photo for us to scan for you. We will of course return your photo with the kit or chart.

Photographs are very detailed and therefore the choice of aida cloth is important. If your converted picture is relatively small, say 8x6 inches then the level of detail for a 14 aida will be quite low. Most of our conversions are 18 aida which allows for much greater level of detail and a more photo like conversion. 18 aida is more difficult to stitch than 14, so if you are feeling worried let us know and we can go for 14, or 16 aida.

The number of colours is important as well, an average photo will have 100's of colours but that is not very practical for your stitching! So we normally use between 45 -55 colours, whatever looks the best on conversion. With greyscale (black and white) it will be considerably less.

We don't always use part stitches in our conversion but you can get even more detail if you do. These type of stitches are more difficult but if you want the challenge let us know!
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